About Digital ICE

Digital ICE was created in Austin by Applied Science Fiction company, which was later acquired by Kodak. The technique relies on scanning two images of the slide – one using regular visible light and another using infrared light. Dust and scratches are easily identified and located using the infrared image and then digitally removed from the regular optical image.

Unlike software solutions that hide dust and scratches by blurring the image, Digital ICE removes the defects while leaving other detail intact. However, it requires an advanced scanner with special infrared scanning hardware and Digital ICE compatibility. Slides scanned without Digital ICE (or similar Infrared Cleaning technology) inevitably have lint, dust and scratches that show up as dark, black imperfections all over your priceless images.

Currently, Access Video uses Version 3 of Kodak’s Digital ICE for scans up to 3600 dpi and a similar, but more advanced version of infrared cleaning for our 5000 dpi scans.  The more advanced version improves handling of imperfections on Kodak’s Kodachrome slides.